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Co-Author of Dare To Succeed, which has become a #1 Best Seller
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Dare to Succeed

Dare to Succeed showcases Christopher and a group of experts who share their secret strategies to conquer the competition and bring ongoing abundance into your life. Christopher Scalese contributed a chapter titled “Want To Be Set For Retirement? Walk The Road Less Traveled.”

On the day of release, Dare to Succeed: The World's Leading Experts Reveal Their Secrets to Success in Business and in Life - and Dare You to Succeed! reached best-seller status in eight categories - reaching as high as #1 in five categories.  The book reached best-seller status in the following categories: “Direct Marketing,” “Sales and Selling,” “Marketing,” “Entrepreneurship,” “Marketing and Sales,” “Marketing for Small Business,” “Small Business and Entrepreneurship,” and “Business and Investing.”

Retirement is a Marathon not a Sprint

Preparing for retirement is one of the most difficult and confusing challenges that a person faces during their lifetime.  And these days, there isn’t a shortage of resources available that someone can turn to.  Between the internet, cable television, and countless financial magazines, it seems like there is “information overload."  With so many choices, and with so many different opinions available, what is a person to do?   In this book, Chris Scalese brings what he has learned from over 20 years of helping individuals prepare for a comfortable retirement. 

He’ll break down the fundamentals of retirement planning into clear, easy to follow language and show you that it doesn’t have to be near as difficult as a lot of “experts” would like you to believe.  Use the principals that Chris talks about in this financial training guide, and you’ll be sure to reach the finish line of retirement without worrying about “hitting the wall”.
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» Chris Scalese is author of #1 best selling book Dare To Succeed and Retirement is a Marathon not a Sprint. Request you copy of Chris Scalese's latests books today.
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