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Ep 21: Things People Think They Know (But Don’t!)

By Chris Scalese | April 2, 2020

When it comes to your financial plan, are your plans based on financial expertise or your
assumptions? It’s hard to recognize our own weaknesses or deficiencies, but in reality, there
are many key areas where people trip up.

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Ep 20: The Different Stages of Retirement Planning

By Chris Scalese | March 19, 2020

Building a retirement plan takes time, but your focus should start to narrow as you move closer to that big day. On this episode, we’re going to look at the different stages of planning from 15 years out all the way until that transition into retirement. Find out what you should be doing at each stage along the way.

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Ep 17: Do These Current Events Matter for Retirement Planning?

By Chris Scalese | February 6, 2020

Depending on who you ask, 2020 could be quite eventful. The year has already gotten off to busy start both nationally and globally, and we’ve gotten questions from people wondering how their retirement portfolios will be affected by the events around us. Let’s look at the top headlines for this year and whether they matter for your finances.

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Ep 16: Are You Sabotaging Your Own Retirement?

By Chris Scalese | January 16, 2020

When it comes to money, there are so many things that we have no control over. So why would we not take care of the things that are within our control? Today we talk about the ways people sabotage their own retirement and what you can do to avoid making the same mistakes.

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Ep 15: 5 Variables that Shape Your Retirement Plan

By Chris Scalese | January 2, 2020

Retirement will look and feel different for everyone because each of us have different variables to consider. These variables make it a little more difficult to plan but that what makes the process more fun. On today’s show, we’ll explain why answers to these critical retirement questions vary from person to person.

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Ep 14: Financial Fortune Cookies

By Chris Scalese | December 19, 2019

Think about those fortune cookies you crack open at the end of a Chinese dinner as you await that small bit of wisdom inside. We always apply those fortunes to our life, but what if we took those and used them for financial guidance?

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Ep 13: A Message to the Good Savers

By Chris Scalese | December 5, 2019

Even for people who have been very responsible with their money over the years, entering retirement can still be a challenge because it’s such a different stage of life. Let’s discuss some of the areas where savers might make a few missteps so you’ll be better prepared in retirement.

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Ep 12: Financial Lessons Learned from Classic Fables

By Chris Scalese | November 21, 2019

Some of our earliest life lessons came from stories passed down from generation to generation. These classic fables have stood the test of time because the moral of each story can be applied to nearly every aspect of our lives to teach us what’s most important. We’re going to take four classic fables and find out how they apply to financial planning on this episode.

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Ep 11: The Retirement Road Trip

By Chris Scalese | November 7, 2019

Retirement planning is a lot like a road trip. It takes careful planning, strategy, research, and execution. We’ll explore the similarities between the two and explain what you need to do to reach your final retirement destination on time and as planned.

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Ep 10: Should We Follow Conventional Wisdom for Retirement Planning?

By Chris Scalese | October 17, 2019

When it comes to investing, conventional wisdom guides a lot of our decisions and strategies. While it usually benefits it, conventional wisdom isn’t always black and white. Following this advice on real estate, debt, and retirement lifestyle might not be in your best interest. We’ll explain on this episode.

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Ep #9: What Financial Wisdom Can We Gain from Beatles Songs?

By Chris Scalese | October 3, 2019

Chris has been a fan of The Beatles for a long time so we decided to make the connection between the Fab Four and Finance. Join us as we take song titles and explain how they apply to retirement planning.

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Ep #8: Doing the Research Before Making Financial Decisions

By Chris Scalese | September 19, 2019

Everyone wants to feel more informed about their options when they’re making financial decision, but not all information is valuable. Let’s discuss the different types of research people are using to stay informed about retirement planning and whether it’s right for you.

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Ep #7: Strategy in Chess is Much Like Retirement

By Chris Scalese | September 5, 2019

Much like chess, retirement planning utilizes multiple strategies to reach an end goal. Think about the way you use each piece and consider how that would compare to your different investments. On today’s episode, we’ll tell you what we think each piece represents in your portfolio.

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