Ep #6: Do These Popular Beliefs Actually Work in Financial Planning?

Today’s Debate:

We see and hear a lot of things in our everyday life and in financial planning that people believe to be true, but that’s not always the case. From cheesy pick-up lines to longterm care in retirement, we spend this episode discussing whether these five specific actions actually work. Click the timestamps below to jump ahead in the episode…

Key Takeaways From This Episode:

Popular opinions and beliefs exist in financial planning just like they do in our society as a whole. When planning for your retirement, it can be easy to take these same thoughts to heart, but that might put you in a disadvantageous position. We wanted to tackle some of those common beliefs on this episode of the Financial Forum Podcast so we asked Chris Scalese to tell us whether these five actions work or not. We took some common financial planning ideals and mixed in some fun everyday life decisions to keep Chris on his toes. We won’t spoil everything you’ll hear in this episode, but plan on learning more about life expectancy, why spouses might overlook longterm care, and timing the market. Each of these decisions can make a big difference in your retirement plan so get an advisor’s perspective on each of them today. Take a look at the full rundown for this episode and click the timestamp to skip ahead to a specific topic. [0:58] – Anticipating your life span based on how long your parents lived. [3:53] – Trying to change someone’s mind by posting your opinion on Facebook or other social media platforms. [6:00] – When spouses say they’re not going to worry about longterm care because they’ll take care of each other. [7:27] – Cheesy pick-up lines: do they work? [8:48] – Trying to time the market just right.

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